Our Story

Alex grew up on the coast near the Lake District National Park. Every day he would wake up and look up the Duddon Estuary to the lakes, he spent most of his time hiking, camping and swimming in the beautiful surroundings.

In 2014 Alex graduated from his Mechanical Engineering Degree in Sheffield, to spend the next four years in Leeds.

After eight years away, Alex decided to use his skills to create furniture that would be beautiful, functional and remind him of home. He took a map of the lakes and meticulously recreated his favourite lakes and peaks in the form of a table.

After creating his first piece, Alex quickly realised he was not alone. There were others who wanted to bring beautiful landscapes that meant something to them, into their homes to enjoy. So in 2018 Lake District Design was formed and creates stunning hand made, one of a kind pieces of furniture.


Lake District Design create quality pieces using a combination of modern design techniques, conventional materials and inspiration from the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

As part of the vision of enjoying and preserving the locations that inspire our pieces, Lake District Design donates a proportion of the cost of each piece to a relevant charity such as the National Trust.

Next Steps...

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